Diploma courses

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Most of IAE Lille’s degree courses are accessible to continuing education students, subject to pre-requisites or validation of prior professional experience.

These courses cover the key functions of companies: strategic management, project management, marketing, finance, accounting, auditing, human resource management etc.

Others allow you to develop sectoral expertise such as management of health and social enterprises, management and marketing in distribution, management of companies in the health sector, banking professions, management of cultural organisations etc.

You can diversify, update or specialize your knowledge.

Formations diplômantes à l'IAE Lille

For greater adaptability to the availability of continuing education students, some courses offer the following possibilities:

  • Sandwich courses
  • Courses over several years
  • Individualised courses


Some degree courses offer groups dedicated to employees and job seekers who are looking for a diploma course.

In these courses, the pace and educational approach are totally ‘made-to-measure’ for employees wishing to reconcile their studies with their professional activities.

You may be an executive looking for dual skills in management, or a manager seeking to develop your managerial and strategic skills.

In addition to the courses, you want to share your experiences and skills with other employees. These specific continuing education groups create the conditions to encourage collective intelligence and knowledge sharing.