Online conference : Life and business management at war

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Online conference : Life and business management at war

Non-profit Ukrainian NGO « Enlightening Initiative » and IAE Lille organize an online conference about “Life and business management at war”!

At this event Ukrainian business representatives will share their insights on making business at war – how they manage to both continue producing revenue and helping those in need. They will speak about their crisis management on the first days of war, how they relocated some enterprises or restructured supply chains, how they are cooperating with volunteer groups and civil society organizations, such as NGO “Enlightening Initiative”, and will share other business tips. NGO “Enlightening Initiative” will share their experience of repurposing their educational and career-building activities, as a non-profit organization in Ukraine, into humanitarian aid. You might also hear speakers’ projections on a possible food crisis in Europe – how many grains, oil and other agrarian products Ukraine would be able to supply this year, as a major food producer in Europe. You will also learn about the ways to support NGO “Enlightening Initiative” and help Ukrainian citizens under attack. 


Mazvydas Stundzia, CIO and Management Board Member of groceries retail business NOVUS Ukraine LLC., one of the market leaders in Kyiv
Andrew Ganine, CEO of IT-company ActiveChat Inc.
Viacheslav Sauts, Chief Marketing Officer of pharmacies “ANC” (more than 1000 pharmacies)
Tetiana Tertychko, Co-founder of Rock’n’Roll food delivery and restaurant business in Dnipro and Zaporizhia
Alexandr Stamatin, agriculture holding “Friendship”, Druzhba invest LLC


Anna Harus, Director of NGO “Enlightening Initiative” collecting humanitarian and financial aid for Ukrainian families and volunteers
Evan Landry, Ambassadeur Mobilités internationales, Pôle We Moov | Fabrique DEFI du Calaisis

5 MAY 2022

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