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The 4,000 students of IAE Lille have chosen higher education in management. We offer them quality training in a wide range of specialisations, built with you, according to your expectations and well supported by research.

We provide our students, apprentices and other learners with a solid, human-focused training in management sciences so that they become creative, responsible and operational managers.

The university is also an opportunity, with IAE playing a key role in social mobility in line with the values of the university. It contributes to the increased competence of managers in the companies that are at the heart of our commitment. Help us to make students’ projects a reality.

Resolutely looking to the future, IAE Lille needs your support to fulfil its mission. Your payment represents an important part of IAE’s own resources. We thank you for your trust.

We offer all those who have the will and the capacity with access to the highest forms of culture and research.


The IAE Lille University School of Management is already a pioneer in work-study training and the support of students towards professionalization. IAE Lille University School of Management is developing modules to help its undergraduate students to find a job, through feedback from graduates, conferences or tutored projects.

In addition to the #RESEAU forum in January and, as of this year, IAE Lille will organise a new recruitment forum in June to allow its future alternating students and young graduates to get in touch with you!

For our success, we must again this year invest in research, continue to develop our courses and accentuate our efforts in innovative teaching.
Particular attention will be paid to the development of online courses allowing flexibility for our free students.

Our ultimate goal is to train students and auditors in a way that secures their professional future.

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The deadline for payment is 31 may 2022.

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