Our story

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IAE Lille University School of Management was formed in 2020 with the unification of IAE Lille and FFBC-IMMD.

Our history is rich in diversity.

IAE Lille was created in 1956. At that time, it was called the Institut de Préparation aux Affaires (IPA, institute of business preparation), and was part of the Faculty of Law and Economics. The separation from the Faculty of Law and Economics took place in 1972, driven by Jean-Pierre Debourse and Marcel Capet, at the time of the creation of the University of Sciences and Techniques of Lille Flandres Artois (USTL). IPA became part of this university.

IPA changed its name to the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE, institute of business administration) when the statutes of the university were modified in December 1985. However, it continued to be called IPA-IAE for some time to preserve the excellent image it had acquired with students and companies.

Located in the Vieux-Lille district, IAE Lille offers research-based training in various fields of management at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. IAE Lille is a member of the IAE France network, which comprises 35 IAEs throughout France.

The FFBC-IMMD Faculty was formed in 2017 by the merger of the Faculté de Finance Banque Comptabilité (faculty of finance, banking and accounting) and the Institut du Marketing et du Management de la Distribution (institute of marketing and distribution management). In the 1990s, these two institutes based their creation on IUP (Instituts Universitaires Professionnalisés, IUP MD and IUP BFA) Master’s degrees in Accounting and Financial Sciences and Techniques and DESS.

They have grown through their specialisation in three economic sectors: banking, accounting and distribution, offering strong support to research and a diversified approach to teaching.

IAE Lille and the FFBC-IMMD are complementary. In 2020, the merger of the two to form IAE Lille University School of Management allowed us to pool Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD courses in a very attractive offer for students and companies, to bring together the research of our three laboratories in a single laboratory for Management Sciences and to form one of the largest public university schools in terms of staff and students.

This new dimension is revealed in our brand signature: Look Beyond