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Management et Gestion à l'International

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The 3rd year MGI Bachelor is the final year of the International Bachelor in Management program, which has been created for students eager to learn and practice Management in an international context. It is a fully English-speaking program with opportunities to study and/or do internships abroad each of the 3 years of the program. Students acquire a solid academic and scientific basis, as well as operational, technical and social skills in the field of management and its various disciplines. More precisely, students will:

  • Improve their operational and technical skills and learn the fundamentals of how businesses operate, and develop management skills with an international perspective
  • Be introduced to the advanced concepts of many management disciplines and become acquainted to research methods and practice
  • Develop critical thinking through a research-led curriculum
  • Improve their English and practice foreign languages.
  • Have the opportunity to study abroad and/or do the mandatory internships abroad.
  • Apply their knowledge and improve their soft skills in student projects and internship

Our program offers a range of topics for students to explore, including International Business, Strategy, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Marketing, Negociation and more.


This course provides the strong foundation you need to continue your studies in the area of Management, Finance, Marketing, International Studies and many more. Students will be able to apply to a variety of Master’s degree (English or French, or… Spanish, German taught) to improve their professional and intellectual skills and build their career path. For example, in the IAE Lille students can apply to our Masters in Management (Procuring and Supply-Chain Management, Project Management, Consulting and Research…), Finance, Retail, Digital Marketing, Marketing and Data Science, Human Resources Management, etc.


Students are enrolled in a full-time study program from September to July, organized in 2 semesters. Between April and July, students are required to do an internship (min. 6 weeks) abroad or in France in a company or job having an international dimension. Students spending their 2nd semester abroad for an academic exchange are also expected to complete the internship. Student projects are also offered and are a unique opportunity for students to carry out professional assignments or humanitarian/charitable missions while improving their social skills and team-work capacity. Certain projects involve carrying out missions abroad. Finally, we encourage students to spend one semester abroad in one of our partner universities all around the world.


No students are recruited from outside the IAE for the 3rd year only. We welcome incoming exchange students from our partner universities in and outside Europe for one semester or the full academic year.

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Sébastien DEREEPER

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