BBA, Licence 2


Management et Gestion à l'International

Formation initiale

Site Vieux-Lille, 104 avenue du Peuple Belge, 59043 Lille Cedex

Cours en Anglais
Licence 1-Licence 2-Management-gestion-international


The 2nd Bachelor in Management is an English-speaking training program, in which students will acquire:

  • First operational and technical skills in management and business
  • Scientific knowledge
  • Improve their business English and practice foreign languages.

This course allows students to position themselves at the end of their year regarding their future orientation in the field of management sciences.



The L2 allows students, once their year has been validated, to integrate the L3 and LP courses offered by IAE Lille.


Session 1

Date de début des candidatures : 30/04/2021

Date de fin des candidatures : 30/05/2021

Date de publication admission :11/06/2021

Entretiens : sur convocation

Session 1

30 avril 2021


The L2 program will take place on Vieux-Lille campus. 

Teaching is provided by assistant, associate and full professors, but also by professionals from various business fields.


The initial L2 prorgam is open to all students who have validated at least a first Bachelor year.


  • Compulsory registration via the ‘Espace Candidats’ on the website
  • Examination of the application file

Pièces à joindre au dossier de candidature

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  •  Photocopies of diplomas and grades obtained after high school
  • 2 identity photos, 1 attached on the file
  • 2 envelopes labeled and stamped with your name and address
  • IAE Message Score (optional)
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Directeur de la mention

Sébastien DEREEPER

Responsable de la formation


Secrétariat formation