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FNEGE medias

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FNEGE Médias is an original initiative launched by FNEGE (French Foundation for Management Education) with the support of IAE Lille.

FNEGE Médias’ ambition is to become the first French-speaking site offering approved  academic videos on management research and teaching. The objective of FNEGE Médias is to make available to all recognised quality management knowledge under the FNEGE label. FNEGE Médias is a collaborative platform for the dissemination of management research videos.

It promotes educational initiatives and research from French higher education institutions in management. FNEGE Médias also features portraits of management professors and researchers who have made their mark on their discipline, as well as portraits of major business leaders who have made a difference in their business sector.

A collaborative platform on higher education and management research.

All the videos presented on FNEGE Médias are free of charge and can be downloaded by all. FNEGE Médias presents 5 video formats:

  • Research videos
  • Pedagogical experience videos
  • Video Interviews
  • Trends videos
  • Portrait video