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Retail Research and Retail Communications are designed to help students to develop an understanding of the elements of retail strategy, the details of marketing tactics and the general principles of retail marketing in today’s rapidly evolving technological and diversified world.

The retail curriculum will provide students with the critical analysis and decision making skills required of retail marketers today. Students will learn state-of-the-art digital marketing and research tools and grow their literacy in analytics, social media, advertising and consumer behavior.


Our program is designed for students willing to get an MBA.

Our MBA students graduates are prepared to work in three key areas: brand and product management, marketing communications, and market research. Job titles held by graduates of the program include Product Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, Media Planner, Consumer Insights Manager and Marketing Data Analyst.


Session 1

Date de début des candidatures : 15/03/2021

Date de fin des candidatures : 01/06/2021

Date de publication admission : 05/07/2021

Session 1

15 mars 2021


During the first semester (from September to December), students have two possibilities:

    – complete their semester on the French program (the student must apply for the License 3 Distribution: Please note that lessons are given in French.

    – carry out international mobility via our Erasmus program (students will have to apply for the License 3 Distribution to do their mobility; they can obtain information from our international relations department)


During the second semester (from January to April) lessons are taught by visiting professors from foreign universities. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their internship abroad. Lessons are taught entirely in English, with a specialization in retail.


120 ECTS or VAE credits. Accessible after a license 2, a BTS, a DUT, a CPGE.

Admission procedures: Eligibility on file. Admission on interview

Pièces à joindre au dossier

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Transcripts of the two post-baccalaureate years (BTS, DUT)
  • Baccalaureate transcripts
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Sébastien DEREEPER

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