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Offshore diplomas

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As part of its training offer internationalisation strategy, IAE Lille University School of Management offers delocalised courses at partner universities abroad.

The entire programme is carried out abroad and the student obtains a diploma from the University of Lille.

École Supérieure Algérienne des Affaires – (ESAA) en Algérie


The degree course welcomes an average of 400 students each year.

It provides an overall understanding of how a company operates. During the third year, students have the possibility of specialising in one of 4 fields:

  • Accounting, control, auditing
  • Banking and finance
  • International marketing
  • General management

The programmes within the Master degrees allow students to acquire knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills.

They prepare students for various and multiple professions not only in finance, banking, accounting and management, but also in management jobs in marketing, trade and distribution.

  • Master’s in money, banking and finance
  • Master’s in accounting, control and auditing
  • Master’s in international marketing

The Master’s courses welcome an average of 150 students each year.

Chambre de Commerce, d’Industrie et de Services - (SUP CCIS) au Maroc


Master’s in accounting, control and auditing

Université Internationale de Casablanca – UIC au Maroc


Master’s in accounting, control and auditing