Our certifications

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AACSB is an American association founded in 1916 and is the oldest international accreditation body for business schools.

IAE Lille has joined the circle of AACSB members and is committed to obtaining accreditation.


  • Criterion 1: Strategic plan
  • Criterion 2: Material, virtual and financial resources
  • Criterion 3: Faculty and administrative team


  • Criterion 4: Programmes
  • Criterion 5: Learning methods
  • Criterion 6: Learner support
  • Criterion 7: Teaching effectiveness and impact


  • Criterion 8: Impact of contributions
  • Criterion 9: Societal and economic commitment

The accreditation process consists of evaluating the excellence of the school.

The 9 evaluation criteria focus on the school’s mission, its strategy and resources, its capacity for innovation and value creation, and its impact.


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The Qualicert Services Certification standard, created by the IAE network, is specific to “University activity in training and research in the field of management sciences and management (RE/IAE)”.

IAE Lille was awarded the QUALICERT label in 2007 by SGS – 29 rue Aristide Briand, 94111 Arcueil Cedex.

Extract of the requirements that we commit to respect:

  1. Strategy
  2. Information and communication
  3. High initial added value and continuing training
  4. Research policy
  5. Follow-up of relations with its graduates
  6. International activity
  7. Social and environmental commitment and responsibility
  8. Relationships with companies and organisations
  9. Continuous quality improvement

It attests to respect for the characteristics contained in the reference system and testifies to the quality of the services offered to students and institutional and economic partners.